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Welcome to StPetersburgTherapy.com Therapy & Career Counseling in St. Pete

Welcome to StPetersburgTherapy.com Therapy & Career Counseling in St. Pete

Welcome to StPetersburgTherapy.com Therapy & Career Counseling in St. PeteWelcome to StPetersburgTherapy.com Therapy & Career Counseling in St. Pete

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THANK YOU!!! Thanks to all who helped make our Flapjack Breakfast a success!! This was a fundraiser for the upcoming Not One More Walk (see below), and we raised over $700!!  We are so grateful that Applebees and their fantastic crew were so gracious, and that all the volunteers gave up their valuable Saturday morning time and energy. Finally, a BIG Thank You to all of you who donated and/or came and ate with us! <3 


Please join us on March 1st, 2020!! Click on the link below to donate and or join the StPetersburgTherapy Team for IAEDP Tampa Bay Chapter 4th Annual Not One More Walk.

Who We Are


Our Therapy Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

Annette Reiter is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Career Counselor in St.  Petersburg, Florida. (MT 1896). Reiter has a full time practice in downtown  St. Petersburg, where she provides individual, couple and group  therapy.  As a GS 120 ™ Trained and Licensed Counselor,  Annette helps guide people to the best career choices at any time in their lives. She is a certified Qualified Supervisor for post graduate registered interns in the fields of Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, offering individual and group supervision.

Past elected board member of Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (2011-2012)



SPEAKER AND AUTHOR  Besides providing therapy and career counseling in St. Petersburg, Annette is also known  nationally for her expertise on parenting and Generation Y. She is routinely invited by organizations to speak on various topics. Some of these include the American Association of Marriage and  Family Therapists and Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. Additionally, she is the  co-author of Launching: Parenting to College and Beyond.  

Annette received her undergraduate degree from the University of  CA, San Diego in Psychology and obtained a Masters in Marriage,  Family and Child Counseling from the University of San Diego.  


Healthy Youth Development, Parenting,

Family Therapy, Abuse Recovery, Marital Affair Recovery, Divorce, 

Emotional & Physical Abuse, GS 120 ™ Trained and Licensed Counselor

The GS 120™ Preeminent Online Career Guidance Tool

Helps identify individual long-term career interests.   Provides research-proven, valid and reliable information to help with life decisions.    Online testing                      and big data analysis for best and least favorable career choices                                                                                          

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For more information about the GS 120™ click  on the flyer below.

GS 120™ Client Agreement

GS 120 agreement with clients (docx)


Is Annette Reiter the right therapist for you?


You've taken the first step to finding a counselor that  will be a match for you personally and help you work though life’s  regularly bumpy road.  Allow me to give you some highlights to my style  and what you can expect in therapy with me.  The web is a fantastic way  to find a therapist but nothing can compete with the in person meeting,  so if you find you like what you see and read  here and you live in the Tampa Bay Area be sure to give me a call so we can  have a complimentary phone consult and take the next steps from there. 


What’s a Marriage and Family Therapist

As  a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Florida I  practice a type of therapy based on systems theory.  In short, systems  theory is based on the idea: “the whole is greater than the some of it’s  parts”.  It is a relatively new form of therapy, from the 1950’s, and I  try to take a look at the entire system a person is operating in and  how to make changes to alleviate the current discomforts.  Since it was  one of the first psychological theories to treat ‘systems’ it was called  ‘marriage and family’  but for my practice I see individuals, couples,  and groups using this systems theory approach. 

What To Expect

Well first off I can’t change you into anybody or thing you don’t want  to change into.  You are completely in charge of our therapy if you hire  me, as an expert to consult in your life experiences.  I often compare  myself to  an architect,  I have a lot of good ideas on how and where to  build your house but in the end, you build it, live in it and pay for  it.  I work hard and care deeply for my clients’ wellbeing, but I cannot  do their job. Therapy lasts for an hour, the rest of therapy happens  outside of session, where you will make changes and do your own work as  you see fit.  I have been a counselor in Florida since 1999, and most of  the feed back I receive from clients and colleagues revolves around my  personal strength of clarity and I have been called a “straight  shooter”.  To be clear, I am NOT Dr. Phil in style, but I am clear, and  to the point.  


First Session

When we first meet, I expect you to be interviewing me to see if I am a  fit for you.  Some clients do this more formally with a list of  questions and others evaluate their comfort levels with me.  If by the  end of the first session you have any thoughts that basically are, “this  lady can’t help me”  I would hope that at the very least, I could be of  help finding you a better therapeutic match.    I will be assessing  more about the dynamics of your situation and making sure I have complete clarity on what you need help with.  I usually take notes during our first session, as a memorization tool.  Typically, by the end of our first session we will begin to draw out a treatment plan together with therapeutic goals. Occasionally in the second session we may still be working this out.  My sessions are usually 55 minutes long.   

New Client Paperwork

Please print three pages, complete, and bring with you to your first appointment.

New Client Paperwork (docx)


More Information

Full HIPPA document, (not necessary to print and/or sign) and Release of Information document (only if needed).

Release of Information document (doc)


HIPPA full document (doc)


Contact Us

We're Here for You

Please contact us with questions. At the time you make your appointment, please let me know if you have a problem with stairs so that I can accommodate you.

Email AnnetteR840Beach@gmail.com

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Parenting even the healthiest adolescent can sometimes feel like a very  long roller coaster ride. Adolescence is a huge transition for each and  every member of the family. After 18 years of sacrifice and devotion,  you find yourself on the cusp of a major letting go process with little  or no preparation. This handbook offers readers a deeper understanding  of the goals in the separation and individuation process. You will gain  insight into the stages of healthy adolescent development and gain  knowledge through our series of examples and practical exercises.  Important adolescent brain research data is explored and discussed. 

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